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Important Tips When Using a Bedside Commode

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bedside commodeA bedside commode is a stand-alone,  that offers users with reduced mobility a better and safer toileting solution.

Normally, a commode is composed of a toilet seat, chair-like arms, a removable bucket, and other additional features to meet the specific needs of the user.

To meet the increasing demands for these assistive devices, few reputable dealers like Doability are providing not only honest and accurate advice but also the right healthcare equipment to cater to the needs of every user.

After getting the right commode for your loved ones suffering from limited mobility, knowing the best ways to use them and maximize their benefits are also important.

Here are some essential tips when using a commode.

  1. Place the Bedside Commode Close to the Patient

Make sure to place the commode near the bed where it is easy for the user to access without struggling to reach it. It will ensure his safety and minimize any risks of falling every time the user needs to use it. Also, avoid placing the device near or against a wall wherein the user may find it difficult and inconvenient when using it.

  1. It Must Fit the User Properly

To ensure the user’s safety, make sure that the commode fits perfectly and can accommodate the size and weight of the user. Choosing this device with adjustability features such as the armrests can provide easy maneuvering and avoid too much bending that may strain the user.

  1. Clear Any Unnecessary Clutter Surrounding the Device

The surrounding area of the commode must be clear of unnecessary clutters that could cause risks of falling or any untoward incidents whenever the user wants to access the device.

  1. Securely Locked the Rubber Feet or Casters

Always check that the wheels or casters are securely locked and stable before the user sits in and uses the portable toilet to ensure that it will not move.

  1. Place the Commode in Somewhere Private

 While using the toileting device, make sure that the user will not be interrupted and with little privacy by placing the device in a spot inside the room that’s quite hidden and private.

  1. Put Several Inches of Water in the Bucket

To help minimize the unpleasant odors inside the room and for easy to clean up, make sure to add several inches of water inside the waste bucket or line it up with a sanitation bag.

  1. Put Some Extra Supplies Near the Commode

Planning ahead helps in maximizing the use and benefits of this stand-alone toilet. Gather and put extra cleaning and hygiene supplies such as toilet papers, gloves, disposable wipes, or washcloths near the equipment for easy and comfortable clean-up.

To sum it up, once correctly and properly used, this device can offer many advantages to the user and the caregiver in making toileting easy and safe.

How to Choose the Most Appropriate Adjustable Bed Mattress?

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hospital bedTwo things are likely to happen when you sleep on the wrong adjustable bed mattress. You will have lower back pain or your condition will worsen.  

Sleeping on a mattress that provides very little to no support, will eventually have you unknowingly sleep in a really bad poor posture. The ill effects of which will manifest in the form of a strain in your back. This will create unnecessary pressure on the muscles of your back, which ultimately will pave the way for the outset of pain in your lower back. 

It is difficult to get a good night’s sleep if your mattress does not satisfy your needs as a sleeper. If a bed mattress is comfortable to sleep on and gives support to your back, it promotes proper spinal alignment. It will make the spinal column somehow relax and rejuvenate during the night.

Choosing the right mattress can be challenging due to the wide range of available choices. The recommendations we present below are created to assist those who often complain about lower back pain. This should help them know how to choose the right bed mattress to use for a much-deserved restful sleep.

Use your personal preference to determine the best mattress for you. 

There is no one-size-fits-all bed mattress design or form that is effective for anyone suffering from lower back pain. Any adjustable bed mattress that relieves pain and stiffness while the user is fast asleep is the best mattress for that particular person. 

People suffering from lower back pain should use a bed mattress that is comfy for them and provides the support requirements their body needs so they can enjoy a good night’s sleep. 

Get yourself fully familiar with your bed mattress and its components. 

The support a mattress requires usually comes from its inner springs or coils. The number and how coils are arranged in different mattresses vary. The mattress padding on its top is available in a range of thickness levels. 

Mattresses normally have a depth of 7 to 18 inches. Specific preferences should be used to decide on the number of coils, type of padding, and mattress width.

Look for a bed mattress that offers back support. 

You know that you’ve come across a good bed mattress if it provides the necessary support for the alignment of your spine and the natural curves of your body. In addition, these mattresses also help the patient prevent morning bed soreness. 

mattress for bed support

While we don’t research much about bed mattresses, a single study revealed that medium-firm mattresses are generally more effective in relieving back pain than when you use firm mattresses.

Reach for Needed Balance Between Comfort and Back Support

Overall, mattress comfort is just as crucial as having adequate lumbar support. Pressure points (areas where you feel discomfort when the mattress is too hard) are more likely to occur when you sleep on a mattress that is too firm.

Medium-firm mattresses make it possible for a shoulder and hip to fall into them, so they may be more comfortable. If you desire a bed mattress with increased back support, opt for a model and make that comes with thicker padding for better comfort.

Know if it is time to replace your adjustable bed mattress.

Sagging mattresses indicate that they have lost support. If the mattress you have on your bed sags in the middle, it is time to look for a replacement. The same is true when you feel it is no longer comfortable to use. These are telltale signs that you need to get yourself a better bed mattress soon. 

To stabilize a sagging mattress, you can use pieces of wood under the mattress in the center. But it will only hold for a short while, which means to say that it is only a temporary solution. This evidently tells you that you have a dire need for a replacement bed mattress anytime soon. 

Why the Use of Adjustable Bed Maybe Good for Your Health?

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If you haven’t experienced your sleep at night is disrupted by something that gives you so much discomfort in your body, there is no way you can ever fully comprehend why a good night’s restful sleep is arguably priceless. Let alone if you happen to have some kind of disability or infirmity.

A comfortable adjustable bed is one of the keys to enjoying a good night’s sleep, most especially if you happen to have a frail body. The same is also true when you spend most of your time in bed, day in and day out.  

Some people need to stay on their bed all night long, particularly the senile ones. This kind of situation can bring about a number of health concerns to them, such as painful joints but the most complained about would be bedsores. 

But with the use of the right type of bed, they can be easily prevented. In addition to that, staying in bed can make mealtimes challenging. Besides, this can also affect the quality of sleep. 

The use of a top-of-the-line adjustable bed can help improve the user’s well-being and quality of life in numerous ways. 


Here are some of the reasons why this type of bed is most ideal for people with frail or infirmed bodies. 

1. Identify the sleeping or resting position you are most comfortable in. 

 If you happen to have chronic pain and are using just a regular bed, you will realize that it is very difficult to find your most comfortable sleep or resting position. You or your caregiver can just prop you up with the help of cushions, however, this may not be considered an ideal solution.  

The electric type of adjustable bed will be most ideal for people of this type. This type of bed will support whatever sleep or resting position that the user finds as most relaxing and comforting for him. If you need to sleep, this bed or its height can be adjusted or lowered to a level you prefer the most. 

2. Boost circulation

If you are a person of limited dexterity or mobility, as you get older over the years, poor blood circulation is likely to become your top health concern. Proof of this is the number of senile people who often complain about the discomforts wrought by their varicose veins.


Most of the time this is exacerbated by extended hours of bed rest, which is sometimes inevitable for them because they have a frail body or have some kind of infirmity of sorts. 

The best remedy to such concerns is no less than exercise and movement, however, this may not be completely possible or practical especially for the disabled or those who are suffering from poor health conditions.  

Another highly effective way to address and at the same time boost blood circulation in the body is by elevating your legs, and see to it that you will raise it just right above your heart. This is remarkably easy to do if you have an adjustable type of bed since they usually come with a mechanism for raising or lowering the bed surface itself. 

3. Improve mobility

 A high-quality adjustable bed gives users the liberty to raise it to a certain level of height so you can lower yourself to your feet, this way you can transfer from your bed. The variable height also allows the user to move to and from a wheelchair which is made possible by setting the bed at just the right level.

4. Joint pain relief

 Many people, particularly the elderly, complain about their sore and aching joints. People suffering from this kind of infirmity are having a hard time getting themselves comfortable. 

Even when you know how to prop yourself on your own just so you can watch your favorite TV show in the comfort of your bedroom, you still can’t have absolute freedom from the pains and the aches. An adjustable type of bed is just what you need to find some relief.   

5. Increased level of independence 

Some people who are going through the process of losing their sense of mobility would have a growing aversion to the thought of someone taking care of them, to do the most basic and simple chores that they used to do or perform on their own. 

Now the prospect of them having to depend on someone to do those things for them find it unimaginable, let alone accept their new reality. 

Good mental health is paramount to a person’s overall well-being. The use of an adjustable type of bed can somehow help the person gain back, to a certain degree, this independence of movement that he used to have and enjoy. 

What are the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Fibres Australia?

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If you happen to have a thinning hair and you are ruminating on the idea of whether you should give a hair building product a try and camouflage it, the odds that you will come across  a myth or two about it is quite high. 

These hair loss concealing products that we can see proliferating in the market today are hounded by myths. Many people have wrong impressions about them. If you come across at least one of such myths, it will somehow  put you into thinking if your decision to try out such a product anytime soon will be good for you or not.  

Hair fibres Australian products usually fall into 2 categories, the new cotton fibre technology and the older keratin fibres. Below are some of the features that make them distinct from one another.  

For better understanding of what they are and how they work, I will encourage you to carry on reading this article in full. After all, educating yourself about this type of product will  save you the hassle of being uninformed about it.

1. Hair Building Fibres Come with High Concentration of Noxious Chemicals and Compounds

TRUE for Keratin Hair Fibres 

Most of the hair building fibre brands that are made from natural keratin   actually have a couple of pretty nasty chemicals, too, and one of which is the ammonium chloride. These chemicals can wreak some pretty serious side effects especially to those who are highly susceptible to allergy. Therefore, checking out the label for the ingredients is highly encouraged before making a buy.  

Not True for Cotton Hair Thickening Fibres 

Fortunately, the vast majority of the cotton brands that we’ve  researched on for this don’t have harmful chemicals in them. In addition to this, what they usually have instead as ingredients are mostly natural. 

Therefore, it is a good idea if you will consider a cotton-based hair loss concealing product, most especially if you are highly sensitive to chemical additives.  

2. Hair Fibres Australia May Cause Scalp Irritation and Itchiness

True to some extent for Keratin Hair Fibres

After subjecting a number of keratin products to some kind of blind testing, we came to a realization that there are people who are likely to complain that they find the product somehow irritating and itchy.  There is a high possibility  that it could be due to the chemicals  added to the product that may induce itchiness and irritation.  

False for Cotton Hair Thickening Fibres

So far, none of the cotton hair building brands that we tested showed signs that they can be irritating to the scalp. We can attribute this to the fact that most of them are actually made from natural fibre strands, and thus tend to come in their most natural colors without any need for chemical-based colourants. 

3. Hair fibres will cause staining on  the scalp, pillowcase, or clothes. 

True to a certain degree for Keratin Hair Building Fibres

We tested out a number of keratin hair fibres and smeared a tad of colour onto fabrics, but they washed out pretty easily.  We are thinking that this can be due to them having less colourfast as opposed to their cotton counterpart products. 

With regard to the scalp staining concern,  we realized that keratin fibres are likely to cause staining on the scalp. In our experience, it is greenish in colour, although it was easy to wash off with plain water.  

False for Cotton Hair Thickening Fibre 

We also conducted testing for cotton brands, and smeared some of the product on a fabric and on my scalp but they don’t cause staining, even with  a tad of moisture.  


Hair building products are a great way to conceal your hair thinning issues. If you are concerned with regaining your self-esteem again without having to shell out huge amounts of money and keep those prying eyes around you preoccupy themselves with something else, this kind of product may well serve that purpose for you.