Bedside Commode: Making Life Easier for Seniors

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Anyone with limited mobility can benefit from a bedside commode known as a portable toilet. 

It is a stand-alone and relatively simple device that offers a safer toileting solution for people with reduced mobility due to injury, illness, or age. 

Basically, a commode is a chair toilet that does not use running water and is commonly placed by the bedside for easy access. 

This device can be used as a portable toilet without any walking involved that may be straining or risky to the user like seniors.

bedside commodeTwo Types of Bedside Commode 

The simplest type of commode is called static portable. It is composed of a frame with a back and armbar. And along with it is a toilet seat and a removable bucket below it. 

You can use this type if you just need a portable toilet by the bed. Examples of static are simple folding, stacking, 3-in-1 or all-in-one commodes, drop arm, and static shower.

The second type is called rolling commodes. They have wheels that make it easy for the caregiver to transport the person from one place to another. 

Rolling comes in two types, transport and shower chair transport bedside commode. The shower transport has an extra option of wheeling into the shower for washing. 

Purpose and Benefits

Although commodes are relatively simple devices, they have specific features and differences from every model that impact user experience. 

The purpose of using this device is to make toileting easy and safe, especially for the seniors, by eliminating the travel to and from the bathroom.

Commodes are used typically by a disabled person and those with limited movement due to illness, injury, or simply old age.

Aside from safety and easy toileting, bedside commodes offer many benefits such as creating greater independence and control, increased privacy and sense of dignity, comfortable option for bedridden patients, increased user confidence, and a lot more.

Safety Tips on How to Use a Commode

When using a commode, users and caregivers should consider these essential tips.

  • Place it near the bed where the user can easily access it without straining their body.
  • Make sure that it fits the user perfectly and can comfortably accommodate the size and weight of the user for safety reasons.
  • Check that the wheels or casters are securely locked. 
  • Clear the area surrounding with any unnecessary clutter.
  • Place it in a private area.
  • Add several inches of water inside the bucket to minimize the unpleasant odor.
  • Put extra cleaning and hygiene supplies near the device.

Final Thoughts

Bedside commodes are a sanitary way to make toileting easy and safe, especially for our loved ones with mobility issues.

Considering the benefits that this device offers, it can surely help our folks regain their toileting independence and dignity back in their lives.