Important Tips When Using a Bedside Commode

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bedside commodeA bedside commode is a stand-alone,  that offers users with reduced mobility a better and safer toileting solution.

Normally, a commode is composed of a toilet seat, chair-like arms, a removable bucket, and other additional features to meet the specific needs of the user.

To meet the increasing demands for these assistive devices, few reputable dealers like Doability are providing not only honest and accurate advice but also the right healthcare equipment to cater to the needs of every user.

After getting the right commode for your loved ones suffering from limited mobility, knowing the best ways to use them and maximize their benefits are also important.

Here are some essential tips when using a commode.

  1. Place the Bedside Commode Close to the Patient

Make sure to place the commode near the bed where it is easy for the user to access without struggling to reach it. It will ensure his safety and minimize any risks of falling every time the user needs to use it. Also, avoid placing the device near or against a wall wherein the user may find it difficult and inconvenient when using it.

  1. It Must Fit the User Properly

To ensure the user’s safety, make sure that the commode fits perfectly and can accommodate the size and weight of the user. Choosing this device with adjustability features such as the armrests can provide easy maneuvering and avoid too much bending that may strain the user.

  1. Clear Any Unnecessary Clutter Surrounding the Device

The surrounding area of the commode must be clear of unnecessary clutters that could cause risks of falling or any untoward incidents whenever the user wants to access the device.

  1. Securely Locked the Rubber Feet or Casters

Always check that the wheels or casters are securely locked and stable before the user sits in and uses the portable toilet to ensure that it will not move.

  1. Place the Commode in Somewhere Private

 While using the toileting device, make sure that the user will not be interrupted and with little privacy by placing the device in a spot inside the room that’s quite hidden and private.

  1. Put Several Inches of Water in the Bucket

To help minimize the unpleasant odors inside the room and for easy to clean up, make sure to add several inches of water inside the waste bucket or line it up with a sanitation bag.

  1. Put Some Extra Supplies Near the Commode

Planning ahead helps in maximizing the use and benefits of this stand-alone toilet. Gather and put extra cleaning and hygiene supplies such as toilet papers, gloves, disposable wipes, or washcloths near the equipment for easy and comfortable clean-up.

To sum it up, once correctly and properly used, this device can offer many advantages to the user and the caregiver in making toileting easy and safe.