What Stone Cutting Challenges Can We Overcome with a Water Jet Cutting Machine?

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With respect to a recently held survey regarding the most predominant home buying preferences of many people, 1 in every 4 respondents said they prefer most a custom-built home as opposed to a newly built house or an existing home that does not have their most sought-after features.

Custom-built houses offer homebuyers an awful lot of benefits, from having unique finishes, superior quality, custom floor plan, and most important of all is that you get exactly what you want in your house, hence, a good reason why you should call it your home.

But if you are a contractor and you came across a client with a discriminating taste for unique home design, you are sure to face an array of unique challenges, too. This is most true when it is about the use of trendy materials intended for, say, kitchen countertops, entrance ways,  or in other areas of a home dubbed as “living spaces”. 

Challenges become even so magnified when the concept of design involves the use of hard stone material. Cutting, processing, refining of marble, granite, slate, soapstone, limestone, travertine, and engineered stone to come up with intricate floor designs and countertops will often lead to major manufacturing hurdles.

Water Jet Machine to the Rescue

It’s a sigh of relief for us to know that there is now a better way we can work with stone, regardless if it is a man-made or natural stone material. The groundbreaking technology working behind the water jet cutting machine can be taken advantage of for this purpose.

Whether you are handling engineered or natural stone for your kitchen countertops or floors, the unique ability of an abrasive waterjet is something worth looking into because you can rely on when it comes to cutting complex designs at warp speeds.

The best part about its use is that you don’t need to worry about damaging the material or breaking it apart anywhere in the process. The working technology behind the water jet system is the key factor that makes it possible for anyone to bring to life even their single, most intricate designs.

Now let it stand side by side with CNC machines and other traditional cutting methods, water jet machines are far easier to use. It can significantly reduce your production costs if you are working with stone, tile, or glass but most importantly it increases your level of productivity.

Enumerated below are some of the advantages you will enjoy when you use a water jet system over conventional stone or tile cutting methods.

  • The complete absence of heat and surface stress to your material ensures that your tile or stone material will be retaining all its inherent strength and appearance. 
  • A nominal amount of kerfs in completed work will increase expected profits, lower production costs, and improve material utilization. 
  • The absence of edge chipping even when you are working on thin materials. 
  • A lesser amount of scraps and significant savings on required raw materials. 
  • Light and flexible tooling 
  • Low operational costs come with a long service life for your cutting nozzle.  
  • With its omnidirectional cutting attribute, you can veer away from the hassle of needing to move and reposition your cutting bed every now and then.
  • Minimal vertical and lateral forces take away the need for parts clamping.  
  • Enjoy and appreciate what single-pass cutting is all about for most materials. 
  • The net cutting feature minimizes the need for manual finishing touches.